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Alan Beer’s pioneering book on reproductive immunology

Alan Beer’s pioneering book on reproductive immunology

Alan Beer is considered to be the father of reproductive immunology. His book, ‘Is your body baby friendly’, first released in 2006, is the ‘bible’ of reproductive immunology and is a vital resource for all couples considering fertility treatment

It explains how the immune system can behave in a way that prevents a pregnancy from continuing and how high levels of Natural Killer (NK) cells, genetic compatibility between partners and blood clotting problems are all significant causes of reproductive failure.

It is an essential read for anyone who suspects that they may have immune infertility problems, unexplained IVF failure, recurrent miscarriage or long-term infertility. The revised 2019 edition has fully updated content and includes the latest test and treatments for  those experiencing immune related infertility problems.

Is Your Body Baby Friendly?
– How ‘Unexplained’ Infertility, Miscarriage and IVF Failure Can
Be Explained and Treated With Immunology”

Author: Alan E. Beer M.D.
ISBN: 9780978507855
Publisher: AJR Publishing
Edition No:

Published: 4th March 2019


This book can be purchased at all major bookstores internationally.
Here’s a couple of direct links to Amazon stores for this publication: (Sweden) (UK) (Australia) (USA)

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