Our Fertility Laboratory

At the heart of Life Clinic is our fertility laboratory that ensures the security and confidence that every couple needs during their fertility journey. Our highest priority is to ensure that all embryos, sperm or ova are handled with the greatest level of care and expertise during their handling at our laboratory.


Our laboratory provides a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art embryology equipment including the latest benchtop incubators and advanced laser and micromanipulation systems, which has been modelled to meet all the European and American criteria for excellence. We also take security seriously and all our cryostorage tanks and incubators, have 24/7 monitors and alarms according to the ISO requirements.

In brief, you can be rest assured that our laboratory follows the most successful laboratory protocols and advanced processes to achieve the best results possible.



Our technology is cutting edge, precise and reliable. From the materials that we use inside the laboratory (only the best culture and freezing media is used, regardless of the cost), to the handling of the embryos and everything in between, we only provide one level of service… the service of excellence.


Each process in our laboratory is supervised personally by our certified embryology laboratory director, Dr Kostantinos Economou PhD MSc. He is a renowned and respected embryologist who achieves excellence in his work, something that is reflected by his very high success rates and making him arguably one of the best embryologists internationally.

Dr Economou’s knowledge and expertise, having worked for almost 18 years in some of the best fertility clinics in the UK and Greece, provides a strong foundation for our excellent laboratory results. His dedication and commitment to his work ensures that each and every patients’ embryos are treated individually with personalized care to the highest standards. This, of course, makes all the difference to the final treatment outcome and contributes significantly to our clinic’s very high overall success rate.

Italian news interview with Dr. Economou, our embryology laboratory director.

Rai – Italian Radio and Television, at Life Clinic (February 2022)
View the interview on Rai television (Italian)

Rai -Italian media - Interview Feb 2022




Our fertility laboratory provides both analytical testing and clinical services for all aspects of assisted reproductive technology.


This includes IVF techniques such as oocyte/embryo culture, artificial insemination (including micro-fertilization – ICSI), blastocyst culture and transfer, embryo and oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing), embryo transfer and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Our laboratory also specializes in offering preimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis (PGS/PGD) for detection of specific genetic conditions.


Our laboratory offers rapid cryopreservation or vitrification of embryos and ova. This means that now every woman is able to cryopreserve her own eggs or embryos for use in the future without any risk on their quality.


Our laboratory also provides a range of analytical tests (for semen analysis and assessment of individual sperm morphology) and clinical services (sperm preparation for intrauterine insemination, FNA and TESA testis biopsy, intracellular Sperm Injection (IMSI) and semen cryopreservation).


We take great pride and responsibility in developing an optimal environment for embryo development. Our laboratory will partner with you on your fertility treatment journey as you prepare to grow your family.  As believers of classic embryology we have set up our laboratory based on the main principles of Embryology.

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