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Our purpose and vision

Our goal is to offer a specialised and personal way of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, beyond the usual ones. Paying attention to every detail is a key factor for success.

Our vision is a clinic with personalised approach in every aspect. Our patients are the center of our attention.

Who we are

Life Clinic is lead by Dimitri Papanikolaou, Obstetrician Gynaecologist specialised in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Immunology. Dr Dimitri from the onset of his career paid special attention to the benefits of personalised medicine. The cornerstone to the success in his work is his belief that,

We must treat individuals, not illnesses…

This approach was effective resulting in high patient satisfaction and helped couples to reach their goal more easily, more safely, and at a lower final cost. It is an approach that is widely accepted nowadays.

Dr Dimitri is pioneer in practices that are now popular trends in the IVF community, such as low dose stimulation, longer stimulation protocols, ovarian support with supplements and supportive treatments, natural cycle applications and treating immunological problems affecting fertility.

Life Clinic

Where is Life Clinic?

… on the most ‘medical’ street in Athens

Our clinic can be found at 166 Hippocrates street, Athens in a recently fully refurbished 1939 neoclassical building.

It is an Athens based women’s center specializing in assessment and treatment of male and female infertility, with particular emphasis on personalized therapy and reproductive immunology.

We believe that infertility is not a disease and have made sure to create a beautiful space where “patients” feel at ease and know that they are at the focal point of our attention.

Medical Center

Ippokratous 166, Athens
+30 210 6450 111
Life Clinic building

Some things in life should be simple ...

Life Clinic offers everything on investigating infertility, fertility therapies and about the role of assisted reproduction in our lives.

From simple daily tips that make our lives easier and our expert knowledge of immune system problems related to fertility to our experience of the most up-to-date assisted reproductive techniques rivalling and exceeding those available in the UK , the birthplace of IVF, and internationally.


We promise the best for every couple ...

Having contacted thousands of patients around the world, we have learned to recognize the unique needs of each couple.

At Life Clinic we believe very much in diagnosing and treating the problem, rather than performing the same actions for everyone, a practice that is largely followed by assisted reproduction clinics.

Since our establishment until today, our center has been the woman and her personal needs. Our main asset is our knowledge of the woman and our requirements for a level of medical services that the patient will be the main driver of. And always at a very competitive cost of treatment. The guarantee of this is our successful participation in two of London’s leading private clinics.

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Life Clinic reviews
Emelie Olsson
"After several miscarriages we got in touch with Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri who gave us great help. This help we could not get in Sweden as there´s no knowledge about recurrent miscarriages or the immune system. We now have our beautiful baby girl and couldn´t be happier, all thanks to Dr Dimitri. I can definitely recommend to get in touch with Life Clinic and get their professional help."
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