Egg cryopreservation

Respecting the needs of the modern woman and wanted to offer a reliable and ‘life changing’ solution to her future reproductive needs, Life Clinic has created a special Egg Freezing program, using the latest and most advanced methods, utilising the best and most reliable Freezing option (vitrification) and freezing kits (Kitazato), for the best possible result and an impressive thawing rate of almost 100%,!
And all the above at a very competitive price!

Cryopreservation as a method has been widespread for several years now and has become a routine method of cryopreservation of embryos and ova. Cryopreservation with vitrification is considered to be the discovery of the century as it greatly increased the rates, not only of the survival of the specimens, after thawing but also their complete restoration to pre-cryopreservation.

Reference to vitrification is made to indicate that it is the most appropriate method for cryopreservation of ova-eggs, as they are very sensitive and no other method so far has achieved such good results in terms of survival, fertilization, pregnancy and birth of healthy children.

During egg freezing, the eggs are placed in a solution of cryoprotectants, cooled to very low temperatures, stored for some time, and thawed in the future. During the thawing process, the cryoprotectants are removed and the eggs are returned to their normal state and function.

It is undoubtedly a sensitive method of handling and the embryological skills knowledge and experience is vital for the success
At life Clinic we are proud to have excellent rates on Egg freezing process due to the very High standards of our laboratory and our world known Chief embryologist.

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