Pregnancy Support

At Life Clinic we offer a complete program for the pregnancy support.
Pregnancy support includes regular maternal visits and fetal examinations, with complete physical monitoring, ultrasound checks and blood tests.

The close monitoring is the principle of our approach. Life has shown that is inevitable to avoid some complications to some women, but we will be there for those women and detect them as early as possible for everybody’s benefit.

At your first visit, you will be properly assessed and you will be given tips on healthy nutrition. You will discuss with the midwife what to expect during the various stages of a pregnancy and the expected changes on your body during pregnancy.

At the same time you will receive a written plan with the recommended monitoring during your pregnancy and we will schedule all the necessary follow up and testing appointments during your pregnancy.

Preparatory courses for childbirth, breastfeeding, and neonatal care are offered to all women as acupuncture, psychological support and special massage for pregnancy.

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