Psychological support

Although many couples are unable to conceive naturally (1 in 6 couples worldwide), infertility is a very personal issue. Often the stress, anxiety and frustration that couples experience through not being able to conceive and develop a family naturally can turn even the most perfect relationships into emotional roller coasters. With guidance, advice and discussion these fears and stresses can be understood and worked through. Often the support provided by counselling is appreciated by patients.

In addition to coming to terms with infertility issues, the treatment itself may impose further stresses on patients. Achieving a successful pregnancy cannot be guaranteed and feelings of despair when a treatment fails may mean that counselling becomes an important part of treatment.

Some patients may wish to discuss the ethical and moral issues when faced with difficult decisions, such as what to do with spare frozen embryos or whether to accept donor sperm / embryos.

At Life Clinic we offer counselling to all patients throughout their treatment.

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