Embryo donation

At LIFE Clinic we have a variety of embryos ready for transfer, donated from other couples that have completed their family and embryos created on demand, from selected donors male and female of high standards and wide variety. Those embryos are of top quality and have the highest chances for Success among all the assisted conception treatments. Our satisfied patients is our warranty for a successful and cost effective treatment.

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The next level of embryo donation
At Life Clinic now we offer a new program. Chromosomally-checked Healthy embryos for the most likely chromosomal abnormalities, as well as some aneuploidies or mosaicism, with the most up-to-date NGS control method, can be produced on demand.

A good quality Blastocyst checked with PGS, can increase the chances of success per embryo transfer by up to 99.9%, if there are no underlying problems that could affect the outcome.
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