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Life Clinic welcomes you. Your visit is very important to us. Please take the time to browse our website and check out our blog to learn more about us and our treatments. For more information or for any queries that you may have, contact us at (0030) 210 6450 111 or drop us an email at info@lifeclinic.gr.

We are an infertility, IVF and Gynaecological Clinic in Athens, Greece, with top success rates and specialisation in immunological disorders and unexplained infertility. We offer IVF, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Egg freezing, PGD/PGS and extensive investigation, treatment and monitoring for the immunological disorders that affect fertility.

Life Clinic is lead by Dimitri Papanikolaou, Obstetrician Gynaecologist specialised in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Immunology.

Life Clinic is a boutique fertility clinic, as opposed to a large-scale clinical department. We proudly offer you strictly tailored treatments and personalised care – everything that you would expect from a highly specialised and unique clinic. Find out more …

Life Clinic

What we do differently

It is important for us to find the reason for infertility and then to recommend the simplest and most specific solution for it, rather than embark immediately on IVF … and hoping for the best.

For this reason our services are strictly tailored made, in response to each patient’s problems and needs.

The personalised medicine, highly experienced staff, together with the top laboratory conditions and our own protocols, makes the real difference to our patients satisfaction and success.

Simply put, our expertise is difficult to find anywhere else.

If you have an infertility problem, particularly if you have experienced repetitive IVF treatment failuresrecurrent miscarriages, if you suspect immune-related fertility issues or have been labelled with ‘unexplained infertility‘, don’t look anywhere else. You have specific individual needs that can’t be solved with a standard ‘one-size-fits-all‘ treatment solution.

With Dr Dimitri’s expertise in this field and holistic approach you can be assured of the highest chances of success

Immune problems related to fertility and pregnancy. Find out more...
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Natal. (Apr 2024)
"At 49 my dream of motherhood came true thank to Life Clinic and Dr. Dimitri Papanikolaou..."

Let's talk about our achievements...

From the beginning we promoted something different. The old, more generalised protocols for assisted reproduction needed to be improved. So, we developed an approach that would be flexible, able to address the various causes of infertility to the best of scientific know-how and ensure the highest level of patient care.

Zoom forward 15 years…and it is clear to all that this new method of ART provision is highly successful. It is housed in a patient-centered model whereby all treatments, plans and ad hoc developments are managed on a 1-to-1 individual level. Necessarily, this approach is far more supportive for our patients, building their confidence, ensuring their emotional and physical well-being.

Additionally, we have worked hard to be able to provide immunological support treatments at a reduced financial cost. We have developed our own method of progress tracking which is accompanied with simple and low-cost blood tests.

Our achievements

  • We use ONLY mild stimulation protocols since 2008.
  • We are PIONEERS in immunological support.
  • We created the FIRST SUCCESSFUL 'natural conception' PROTOCOL for unexplained infertility in 2007.
  • We were the FIRST CLINIC in Europe to use INTRALIPID sol infusion serum for the treatment of immune-related infertility disorders.
  • We are one of the very few clinics worldwide that offer immunological support based on PATIENT PROGRESS MONITORING and evaluation.

Minimally invasive blastocyst biopsy

We have developed our own unique biopsy technique

Life Clinic embryo biopsyOur embryo biopsy protocol, is unique to Life Clinic’s laboratory and has very high success rates.
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Can NK-cells cause infertility?

An interview with Dr. Dimitri

Can natural killer cells cause infertility?
Dr Dimitri, clinical director at Life Clinic, answers fertility questions in an interview with Elisabeth Telega, fertility journalist.

Top 5 reasons to choose Life Clinic

At the heart of Life Clinic’s success is our director Dimitri Papanikolaou. Life Clinic is Dr. Dmitri’s brainchild and home to ground-breaking protocols that have leap frogged his clinic to the forefront of the crème IVF clinics of Europe.

Life Clinic is dedication to Dr. Dimitri’s niche specialty of age-related infertility and reproductive immunology; the more difficult cases of infertility. With over 20 years of ART expertise and immune system therapies Life Clinic has become the place to go for many.

Furthermore, the clinics state-of-the art IVF laboratory is run by renowned embryologist, Dr. Economou and is critical to the clinics high success rates.

We prioritise understanding our patients’ histories, needs and concerns. This takes time, experience and knowledge but it is essential to success. One of the first things we do is to carry out an in-depth study of our patients’ medical backgrounds, which helps to reveal any underlying problems associated with infertility. This is followed by a patient-doctor discussions to ensure that a treatment plan is developed that suits our patients perfectly. Patients are closely monitored, and treatment plans are routinely ‘tweaked and flexed’ over the course of treatments in response to our patients’ progress, test results and personal testimony. Equally important is our priority in providing emotional support for our patients as they walk their fertility journey with us.
We offer the whole range of ART treatments and services as required. All treatment plans are personalised for every patient depending on diagnosis and patient requirements. Life Clinic is licensed by the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction (Εθνική Αρχή Ιατρικώς Υποβοηθούμενης Αναπαραγωγής).
We offer private ART treatments at competitive prices. We are transparent about all potential costs and explain why certain treatment may be recommended. There are absolutely no hidden costs.
Life Clinic is located in the heart of Athens city. Transportation for all our patients, whether from Greece or overseas, is easy and convenient.
Ippokratous 166, Athens
+30 210 6450 111

What to expect

Our approach in 4 simple steps

We specialise in every aspect of infertility and offer pioneering treatments.
Find out more about our services.

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First appointment
Complete medical assessment, Ovarian function assessment and ultrasound examination
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Required blood tests
Hormonal and immunological tests complete the initial medical assessment
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Diagnosis of the cause of infertility
We discuss the test results together and come up with a diagnosis and a recommendation for the problem
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Personalized treatment plan
The key to success and what makes the real difference! Not all the clinics are able to do it at the extend and depth we can!

New Patients

We like to welcome all our new patients for an initial consultation with our director Dr. Dimitris Papanikolaou. The first visit is important to both you, as the patient, and our team to ensure we meet all your needs and expectations. We’ll get to know you as a person, understand what your needs and goals are, and take your past history to paint the overall picture about you.

We offer appointments for over the phone consultations which are ideal for our overseas patients.
Here for you

Face-to-face appointments

We also offer appointments in person. To book yours simply call or email us.
Speak to our friendly receptionist who will arrange your first appointment with Dr Dimitri for you.

Immunology and Infertility

Frequently asked questions - Ask Life Clinic's experts

1. What is reproductive immunology?What is reproductive immunology?

Reproductive immunology is a field of study that focuses on the interactions between the immune system and the reproductive system. It aims to understand how the immune system plays a role in various reproductive processes, such as fertility, pregnancy, and fetal development.

The immune system plays a crucial role in protecting the body against infections and foreign invaders. However, during pregnancy, the immune system must also tolerate the presence of a semi-allogeneic fetus (a fetus with different genetic material than the mother). Reproductive immunology seeks to understand how the immune system achieves this balance between protecting the mother and tolerating the fetus.

Research in reproductive immunology has led to the development of new treatments for infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and other reproductive disorders. It has also shed light on the mechanisms underlying certain pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction.

Common immune issues that can impact fertility or pregnancy include antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), thyroid autoimmunity, and natural killer (NK) cell dysfunction.

2. How do I know if I have an immune problem?How do I know if I have an immune problem?

The presence of an immune problem can be diagnosed within one visit to our clinic. At your appointment we will take a detailed medical history (the most important part), in conjunction with specific blood tests which will be sent to a Greek laboratory and also to Rosalind Franklin University (RFU) of Medicine and Science in Chicago*. With the completion of the necessary blood tests, we will be able to complete the evaluation of your current immunological background and condition and from there be able to create a specific supportive plan for you as required.

* RFU was the home of one of the greatest pioneers of reproductive immunology, Dr Alan Beer. He is also the author of the famous book entitled “Is your body baby friendly?“(2006) which  is still considered to be the ‘bible’ of reproductive immunology and is a vital resource for all couples considering fertility treatment.

Further reading:Is Your Body Baby Friendly?: How "Unexplained" Infertility, Miscarriage and IVF Failure Can Be Explained and Treated with Immunotherapy
Is Your Body Baby Friendly?
How “Unexplained” Infertility, Miscarriage and IVF Failure Can Be Explained and Treated with Immunotherapy
Author: Alan E Beer MD

3. Are there side effects from reproductive immunology treatments? Are there side effects from reproductive immunology treatments?

Reproductive immunology treatments are medical interventions designed to address immune system issues that may be impacting fertility or pregnancy outcomes. These treatments can include immune modulating drugs, such as steroids or intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), and other procedures like leukocyte immunization therapy (LIT) or embryo immunotherapy.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy (IVIg)

Like any medical treatment, there may be potential side effects associated with reproductive immunology treatments. The specific side effects can vary depending on the type of treatment used, the individual’s medical history and other factors.

Patient safety is the primary consideration for any treatment option we offer. All the medications we use, are with many years of clinical use and proven safety. Our Protocols have shown over the years to be successful and very safe for all of our patients.


4. What do I need to know before starting immune fertility treatment? What do I need to know before starting immune fertility treatment?

Immune therapies modify the immune system but in no way induce immunosuppression. Practically speaking, these treatments re-align the body into a “pregnancy-capable state” before pregnancy, in order to successfully implant and maintain the fetus. Like any other complementary treatments, a healthy embryo is required in order to give a successful pregnancy.

The cost of immunological support treatments are has significantly decreased in recent years with the introduction of new cheaper drugs. We have also worked hard to be able to provide these treatments at further reduced costs through the development of our own method of progress tracking.

Life Clinic founder and director, Dr. Dimitri, is one of the pioneers in this field with over 18 years of experience. He was the first to introduce the INTRALIPID infusion in Europe for the treatment of fertility-related immunological problems. He went on to develop his own specific protocols to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes in both assisted reproduction and natural conception.

The length of reproductive immunology treatment can vary depending on the individual’s specific condition and treatment plan.


reproductive immunologyFurther information:
IVFImmunology.com – The Reproductive Immunology Guide
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