Immune system treatment

Our treatment protocols are designed to:

  • Support the immune system for normal conception (where possible)
  • Support the immune system during any assisted reproduction treatment, in order to optimize the intrauterine environment and increase the chances of successful implantation.
  • Maintain the immune system calm during pregnancy with close Monitoring and interventions when necessary in women with immunological problems, in order to minimise the potential complications and optimise the fetal development to the end.

Immune therapies modify the immune system but in no way induce severe immunosuppression. It has been found to practically bring the body into a “pregnancy state” before pregnancy, in order to allow the successful implantation and maintain the good fetal development.


Until now, the immunological therapies were much more expensive than the IVF treatment itself, and more likely to have complications. This was because of some medications used for it (like VIG), and random generalised treatment plans, based on each doctor’s experience, without monitoring or intervention if necessary.

But since:

  • The introduction of the INTRALIPID sol. into reproductive immunology’s arsenal,
  • and the continuous monitoring of the treatment progress with very simple blood tests

the cost has been dramatically reduced, when the efficiency and the safety significantly increased.

At life Clinic we are proud to be the first clinic in Europe that have introduced the INTRALIPID infusions in reproductive immunology treatments, a medication widely accepted nowadays for its multiple benefits in successful pregnancy, with great safety and very low cost.

Preparations that can be used single or as a combination, during an immunological treatment are:
LDN preparations              INTRALIPID sol.
PLAQUENIL tabs.              IVIG sol.
ADVAGRAF tabs.              Anticoagulant therapy
NEUPOGEN sol.                Antibiotics
HUMIRA injections           ENBREL injections and Other anti TNF factors
Cortisone tabs.

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