For many years we promote and offer acupuncture treatment to all of our patients. The correctly performed acupuncture by professionals, has a significant positive effect at body’s internal balance. Acupuncture can be used prior to the treatment cycle in order to improve the ovarian function, during IVF to reduce some of the treatment symptoms and improve implantation.

As a result, the woman will perform better during stimulation, with better quality eggs and embryos, and higher chances for successful pregnancy.
Also the acupuncture can balance the immune system up to a degree, and can promote successful implantation.
The combination of personalised medicine and traditional Chinese acupuncture has great results to almost every woman.

At Life Clinic we are proud to work together with a highly experienced and remarkable therapist who has studied and practised in China and USA and is Professor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Ms. Sophia Consolakis.

“My goal is,” says Ms Consolakis, “to put my knowledge and years of experience into helping women with fertility problems and also making pregnancy a “smiling” experience. Having experienced herself, the stressful process of assisted reproduction, dedicated her efforts in help of those couples who are undergoing this process.
Our goal and vision in Life Clinic is to make the journey of conceiving and childbearing a pleasant, easy and joyful journey for all.

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