What our patients say.

We are proud to have helped so many women and couples at Life Clinic to create their families. A large proportion of our patients come to us from other countries as well as Greece and often have a history of repeated failed fertility treatments elsewhere. We are also pleased to see many return to us for fertility treatment to extend their families for second and third children. Here are some of the reviews we have received. They are also all available to view directly on Life Clinic’s Google Reviews or on our Facebook Reviews page.


Halina Denniger

May 2024

After more then 20 unsuccessful attempts with various IVF institutes in Austria, Turkey, Madrid, Cyprus, Mumbai and finally the USA, I found Doctor Dimitri Papanikolaou ( Life Clinic in Athens) who, with much more commitment and attention to detail, made a second pregnancy possible for me.
In Austria, I was successful with a total of 6 attempts with my daughter, who is now 8 years old. Dr. Zech charges Swiss patients in Bregenz (Austria) much higher then the patients of other European countries and this was too expensive for us.
At the big institutes (especially IVI RMA of North California) I was treated as a number with a standard Programme. The doctors had no great interest in me, they were working through their Programme and I was ( among other not very customer-friendly treatments) prescribed medication that I did not get in Europe.
I was disappointed by the expensive care at IVI RMA in Sun Francisco, and as a European I would not go to the USA again.
Dr Dimitri also made time on Sundays and public holidays or outside opening hours, what you don’t get at most institutes.
I had problems with my Endometrium being too thin.
My gynecologist in Switzerland told me to give up after so many IVF attempts and the IVF doctor in Turkey told me that he didn’t think that I ever will get pregnant with my thin Endometrium.
Thanks to Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou I am now nursing 5 months old healthy and beautiful son.
If I found the doctor earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of time, traveling, stress and a lot of money!!!

Jenny Spångberg

May 2024

I really recommend Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri, they are really professional and know what they are talking about. Thanks to Dr Dimitri I got my third little girl, I will be forever grateful.



April 2024

At 49 my dream of motherhood came true thank to Life Clinic and Dr. Dimitri Papanikolaou. After 10 years of trying in various clinics across Europe and the US, several attempts and multiple failed IVF and pregnancies I was referred to Dr. Dimitri.

His expertise and truly targeted unique approach, his unmatched knowledge, patient focus, flexibility and dedication made all the difference.

Further, the clinic’s embryologist is simply excellent. I can’t praise the clinic enough. The team is superior, always very caring, kind and supportive.

I highly recommend the clinic especially to everyone who is experiencing multiple failed IVF attempts, lost pregnancies and immune-related issues. We are forever grateful for this life-changing experience and I encourage every women and couple to not give up on their parenthood dream.

Bianca Van Hulst

March 2024

After a long road of miscarriages and IVF, I am extremely grateful to Dr. Dimitri and his team for making my biggest dream come true, my daughter Lou. First of all, I would like to emphasize that I was treated here as a human being and not as a patient. Dr. Dimitri has always taken the time to answer my questions and explain my situation. In addition, no one has ever asked me so many questions, to get the most complete picture possible of my situation and health.

Dr. Dimitri has a lot of knowledge, talent, works with his heart and offers tailor-made solutions. The knowledge and specialization that Life Clinic offers is not available in my country (the Netherlands). In addition, Life Clinic distinguishes itself by continuing to monitor you throughout your pregnancy.

I recommend anyone with fertility problems, immunological problems and certainly with repeated miscarriages to talk to Dr. Dimitri. I am eternally grateful to him!

Lynne Schmutz

February 2024

As I reach the end of my maternity leave, I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Dr. Dimitri and Life Clinic Athens. After 7 years of infertility, 4 doctors, 1 surgery, 7 IVF cycles, 9 embryo transfers and 2 miscarriages, we were desperate.

I knew in my gut something was wrong with my immune system which was preventing implantation and then maintaining a pregnancy. I found Life clinic through an internet search and cannot be more thankful. Dr Dimitri listened openly, provided his advice but most importantly supported what we wanted to do. I never felt pressurised to go a route which didn`t suit me.

Dr Dimitri completed my immunology assessment, defined the treatment plan and supported me remotely in FET preparation and then through the successful pregnancy. I completed blood tests locally, shared results by email and received feedback on next steps and treatment plan. Dr Dimitri and his team were incredible support and I wholeheartedly recommend them especially if remote support is required- he is the reason I have my miracle daughter in my arms.

Olha Kot - Netherlands

February 2024

Working with Dr. Dimitri for over two years has been life-changing. Unlike other doctors, he never gave up on me, always thinking outside the box and tailoring solutions to my specific needs. His holistic approach uncovered the root causes of my struggles, leading to success after five miscarriages and two failed IVFs.

Thanks to his dedication, I now hold my long-awaited baby in my arms. Dr. Dimitri is not just a doctor; he’s a true miracle worker, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Sanja Brdar

February 2024

Our infertility case was difficult. After 5 IVF and 3 FET cycles and overall 16 embryos transferred during these treatments the results were devastating – all ended with implantation failure. Furthermore, before treatments for infertility I had 2 pregnancies from natural cycles ended in miscarriages in 7th and 6th week. Having an autoimmune disease, I knew that my immunity had a strong impact, but none of the doctors from clinics in Serbia and Czech Republic where I had treatments did not know how to deal with it. Reading the book from Dr Beer “Is Your Body Baby-Friendly” and further internet searches led me to Dr Dimitri.

Initial online consultations with Dr Dimitri were so detailed, I have never experienced such dedication to collect patient information. After that we went to Athens for the first examination and blood tests (Leukocyte Antibody Detection Panel, DQ Alpha Genotype, TH1/TH2 Intracellular Cytokine Ratios, NK Cell Inhibition Panel). My partner and I had a partial match of DQ Alpha Genotype and based on that and other results Dr Dimitri recommended an immune support plan and an ovarian support plan.

In our IVF at Life Clinic Athens we transferred one blastocyst of an average quality and sent the remaining 3 for PGT-A testing. For the first time we had an embryo implanted in the IVF cycle, but Beta hCG was not increasing as expected. Although we did not succeed, we saw the first sign of improvement – the implantation. We have also faced the harsh reality that being 40 years old my fertility was on a rapid decline resulting in 2 aneuploid and one mosaic embryo from PGT-A test. But we continued our efforts with guidance from Dr Dimitri. In the next attempt we decided to start immunological treatment earlier and continued with ovarian support. Surprisingly this led to pregnancy in the natural cycle. Having positive Beta hCG was just a beginning. We went once again in Athens during the critical phase – 8th week of pregnancy to have adequate infusions needed to calm down my immunity. Pregnancy monitoring continued online through a 2-week blood tests and adjustment of the medications and infusions.

We are immensely thankful to Dr Dimitri for all support and consultations during pregnancy. We would not reach this without his expertise in finding the right treatment for my immunological condition. He has a truly personalized approach with patients and a dedicated team at Life Clinic Athens. Just one year after we started our treatment at Life Clinic Athens we got our baby boy Luka.


January 2024

I really recommend this clinic and Dr Papanikolaou if you have fertility problems linked to your immune system.

After 10 failed rounds of IVF at home, with several early miscarriages, it took on the first try in Athens! I am sitting here with my 13 week old baby and am forever grateful for all the help, and really happy that I took the step and travelled to Life Clinic in Athens for help!


Michaela Nylund - Sweden

April 2022

After 8 failed IVF Embryo transfers (included 2 miscarriage) in our home country Sweden, we decided to search for help outside of Sweden. I google a lot to find a clinic who specifies on miscarriage and infertility. Something was wrong with my body.. I find Life clinic Athens where other Swedish people have visit and got helped to get a baby.

We contacted the clinic at e-mail and they answer us fast. After a few weeks/months we visit the clinic. At the clinic my wife took a bloodtest. Through the bloodtest Dr. Dimitri saw that my immune system was extra strong so my body pushed away the embryo.

We got medications from him and after a few weeks it was time for our 9 IVF transfer in Sweden (with medications from Dr. Dimitri). And it worked!! For the first time I gave birth to a baby!! It wouldn´t have worked without Dr. Dimitri and Eleannas help. If we want a second baby I will contact them directly.

Annika Bergendahl - Sweden

March 2022

I got in contact with Dr Dimitri and Life Clinic after several miscarriages and a group of investigations in Sweden that couldn’t give us an answer to the reason behind the miscarriages. Very quickly Dr Dimitri could help us understand that there might be immunological explanations behind the miscarriages and he suggested a treatment plan for that.

Throughout the pregnancy I had contact with Dr Dimitri who followed the progress through blood test results and suggested changes in treatment depending on my body’s reactions. It felt very safe and hopeful all the way! Our baby girl was born in March 2022. I am so grateful for the support and for giving us hope back after all the miscarriages.

This kind of treatment wouldn’t have been given to us in Sweden so this was really the solution that made a change for us. I can really recommend Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri.

Georgia Griva - Greece

March 2022

Those of us who have experienced the arduous effort to become parents entering the process of in vitro fertilization in other centers, we can certainly evaluate with more objectivity the professionalism and the person Dr. Dimitris Papanikolaou. Experience in matters of immunity, training and experience in matters of in vitro fertilization, objectivity and honesty but also his human approach are key characteristics of Dr. Dimitris. It does not operate on the basis of mass but deals with each case with its uniqueness and uniqueness. We thank that in our lives are our twins so much Dr. Dimitris Papanikolaou and his worthy staff.

Dina Asp - Greece

October 2021

In our personal opinion and experience, Mr. Papanikolaou and his team are excellent professionals, but above all people. They stood by us in this difficult part of our lives. We will be grateful forever!


Nikos Iatrou - Greece

October 2021

Excellent medical team with Mr. Papanikolaou in charge, who from the first moment approached us first as a person and then as a scientist.

The clinic is a wonderful and clean place. Mr. Dimitris, Costa, Eleana, Aphrodite, thank you very much for the wonderful gift.

Nikos, Efi

Loulou dAki -Sweden

November 2021

When I decided to try an IVF it was with a mix of hope and fear. I had tried an insemination with a private doctor in Athens and had found the experience somewhat traumatizing so when I set out to look for a clinic I asked a friend in Sweden for advice. She recommended LIFE clinic.

The experience has been altogether different. Dr. Dimitri advised me on how to prepare ahead of the IVF and was always available when I had questions during the months leading up to the IVF. I find this holistic approach very effective. The actual process proved to be quite amazing, which might sound strange, but the way everything was dealt with helped reduce a lot of otherwise stressful moments and made it an interesting procedure. I didn’t need to worry about finding medicines last minute or to go to different places to have blood tests done. Everything is available at the clinic in the center of Athens.

Dr. Dimitri and midwife Eleanna are truly dedicated to their work and as a patient you feel that. Plus they laugh a lot and that helps! My IVF resulted in pregnancy. I would recommend LIFE clinic to anyone without the shadow of a doubt!

Constantina Tsekoura - Greece

October 2021

Our case was completely exceptional, due to different current conditions, and that is why it was absolutely necessary for us to work with a really specialized clinic. Judging by the twin result, I unreservedly recommend both Dr. Dimitris Papanikolaou and his remarkable team, who with consistency, seriousness and, above all, humanity, stood by me throughout this difficult and demanding journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Emelie Olsson - Sweden

August 2022

After several miscarriages we got in touch with Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri who gave us great help. This help we could not get in Sweden as there´s no knowledge about recurrent miscarriages or the immune system.

We now have our beautiful baby girl and couldn´t be happier, all thanks to Dr Dimitri.

I can definitely recommend to get in touch with Life Clinic and get their professional help.

Antonis Vidalis - Greece

April 2021

Life Clinic Athens, 3 beautiful words – Dr Dimitris, Aphrodite, Eleanna – 3 bright and charismatic people.
Confidence, Security, Calmness, 3 unique emotions that you definitely want and must experience during your life in order to bring a new life to the world!

They are there … present, knowledgeable and helpers in whatever is needed .. 22.00 we entered the maternity hospital and 06.39 we held her in our arms with their valuable and unsurpassed help .. They were always by our side to reassure us, to guide us, to calm us down and to give us the best gift that exists in this world, to make us parents !!

Dr. Dimitris and Aphroditouli. Thank you, we love you, we thank you!
Antonis & Irianna

Dimitris Aygeris - Greece

April 2021

When they marry the well-equipped clinic with the excellent collaborators and the leading scientist, but above all a human being, the result can only be perfect !!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the birth of our daughter !!!!

Dimitris – Constantia


Elena Giannakou - Greece

April 2021

He is not only a professional doctor, he is a kind person, full of knowledge and ready to help every single woman make her dream come true.
His advices for my pregnancy gave me confidence and tranquility to overcome my difficulties.
Kind employee ,beautiful clinic,
Central location

Gernot Hannes Hutter - Austria

October 2020

After many attempts and a few miscarriages, we were about to give up our desire to have children in Austria, but then we were recommended to Dr. Papanikolaou. Unfortunately, our experience with IVF doctors here was not too positive, so we were all the more surprised and happier by the approach and empathy of Dr. Dimitri. He was the only doctor who really took the time to research the possible causes of childlessness and based on this, he started the treatment. He always gave us professional advice and support and thanks to his help we got our beloved son with him in the first attempt! We can only warmly recommend and strongly advise Dr. Papanikolaou and not to waste too much time with “doctor-craftsmen”, but to go straight to a holistic expert like him.
From the bottom of our hearts many thanks, Dr. Dimitri!! Gernot & Birgit

Julia Schwaighofer - Sweden


After 12 years of wish for a child Dr. Dimitri made our dream come true.

We did several IVFs all around the world (Austria, United States, and Taiwan). I got pregnant twice, but had two miscarriages. Already after the first miscarriage I suspected an immune problem, and insisted on testing. The test result was an increased number of natural killer cells, but the only thing the clinic in Austria gave me, was intralipid infusions every four weeks after the transfer. There were no blood tests to observe my immune system. So I got pregnant, but had a miscarriage in the 10th week.

After that, I was convinced that I could never maintain a pregnancy, and since we had still three embryos left, my husband and I opted for surrogacy in the US. We found a wonderful surrogate mother, but unfortunately the embryos were broken when thawed in the US. So I flew to California for a natural cycle IVF, but there was no viable embryo. So we needed to give up the surrogacy process.

After two years, we had moved to Taiwan and did another IVF there. This time we had two blastocysts and had them tested, because I wanted to make sure that it was my immune system and not the embryos why I could not maintain a pregnancy. So we transferred the genetic healthy embryo. I insisted on intralipid infusions, but again nobody observed my immune system. So I had another miscarriage in the 10th week.

Finally, after doing research on the internet, I found Dr. Dimitri and Life Clinic in Athens. The moment I saw his immune specialization, I knew that if somebody could help me to get pregnant, it was him.

I first went there in September 2018. My first impression was very positive. Dr. Dimitri was not like all those doctors at the other IVF clinics who seemed to care only about money. He welcomed me warmly and gave me hope. He did the Chicago blood test, and planned my immune therapy accordingly.

It took me several attempts to finally get good blastocysts. Finally, in November 2019, we got two, and transferred both in the same cycle. And thanks to Dr. Dimitri’s perfect immune therapy I got pregnant.

During that year of visits in the clinic, Dr. Dimitri and Eleanna became like family to me. They always encouraged me and had time for me.

Dr. Dimitri observed my blood values during the whole pregnancy and adjusted the immune therapy accordingly. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and plan to come back in one year for a baby girl.

Without Dr. Dimitri, I would not even have dreamed of one child, but he gave me the certainty that I could get pregnant and get a healthy baby. He is a real genius.

I warmly recommend him to every couple with immune problems.

Thank you Dr. Dimitri! I will be eternally thankful to you. You made my dream come true.


Jessica Plath - Sweden

April 2020

I truly with all my heart recommend Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri. After many years of trying to get pregnant with repeatedly heartbreaking miscarriages, he helped us fulfill our dream of becoming parents by discovering my immune problem that no one had seen before. Dr Dimitri and Eleanna are wonderful warmhearted and caring people and this clinic is so far from some other clinics where only money counts as soon as the papers have been signed.

Dr Dimitri has a great knowledge in immunological problems and we directly felt a great confidence in him. Thank’s to him we now have a six weeks old wonderful little son. Lot’s of love from two happy parents in Sweden.

Fredrik Strandberg - Sweden

June 2019

After six [silent miscarriages] over a period of two years we decided to get help from Life Clinic Athens. I cannot recommend them enough if you suspect you have immunological issues (I recommend checking out the book “Is you body baby-friendly?” to learn more about immunological issues during pregnancy).
Dr Papanikolaou and the team are great and you feel very well taken care of. We were able to carry through our first pregnancy with their help and now have a healthy little girl.

Life Clinic Athens made our biggest dream come true and we cannot thank them enough.


Gianna Christakis - USA

April 2019

Dr. Dimitri Papanikolaou at lifeclinic.gr has been imperative to our fertility success. He is by far the most professional, knowledgable and caring Fertility Doctors in Greece. After 8 years of IVF treatments he was able to find the perfect ivf/immune protocol that got us our baby. He also specializes in reproductive immunology which is hard to find in the United States. Lifeclinic.gr is not just another busy fertility clinic it is like a family.

You get one on one attention with Dr. Dimitri at every appointment. He even monitored my pregnancy after I returned to the U.S. all the way until birth.

Jenny Mentzer - Sweden

October 2019

After years of failed attempts to get pregnant and to keep a pregnancy we decided to get help from Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou. We can truly recommend his expertise on immunological problems and fertility. They made us feel well taken care of and have provided professional support through out the hole process.

We are convinced that without Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou’s help we wouldn’t have our wonderful little baby girl. We are forever thankful for the help we got from Life Clinic!

Sandra Grimling - Sweden

August 2019

After serveral ivf failures Dr.Dimitri helped us to recieve our little boy. I recommend this clinic not only if you have immune issues, but also if you have problems in some way to concieve. Dr.dimitri is fantastic he pay attention to you as an individual and what you require to succeed. We cannot thank him enough!

Eva Makiari - Greece

April 2020

Dear Dimitris, your ethos and your love for what makes you special as a doctor, but above all your human and holistic approach is what characterizes you !!As your space is made with so much harmony that it immediately inspires security and calm !! I wish you every success.

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