Assisted reproduction

Our vision at Life Clinic is to help every woman wishing to become a mother make her wish come true. We offer a broad spectrum of services, covering most issues regarding fertility, the care and preparation of the mother-to-be. Our clinic provides the full range of assisted reproductive treatments, paying attention to all details that could affect the outcome.

The woman’s fertility, with natural or with assisted conception, depends mainly on 3 factors:

  • the age of the woman
  • the individual current ovarian condition
  • the presence of any other underlying problem could affect fertility

At Life Clinic we pursue a thorough investigation of all the above before initiating an assisted conception treatment. In this way, we aim at giving every patient the highest individual chances for success per treatment.

Our laboratory works at the highest of standards, offering all the top notch, cutting edge techniques available with regards to this field. Our Head embryologist is a world known scientist, with great dedication and knowledge. Our statistics speak for themselves: Successful fertilisation rate with ICSI <96%, thawing success rate after vitrification <100%!!

The culture and freezing media we use are the best latest technology in the market, with proven efficiency, used by the top clinics in the world. So, as a result, the embryo quality in our laboratory is maintained at the highest standards possible, adding up to our high success rates.

Assisted reproduction treatments


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