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Mohamed Taranissi – a cornerstone of IVF development

Mohamed Taranissi – a cornerstone of IVF development

Who is Dr Mohamed Taranissi (FRCOG)? 

He is a pioneering infertility specialist who introduced reproductive immunology (RI) in Europe. He has contributed significantly to the evolution of IVF and is undoubtably a cornerstone in the field of assisted conception development. His investigations into recurrent implantation failure of embryos and the immunology of implantation mark crucial advancements in our knowledge of reproductive immunology.

Dr Taranissi has a very personalized approach to his work believing passionately that IVF should not be a ‘one size fits all‘ approach but instead every patient should be treated on an individual basis.

“What is vital is not to offer a standardized treatment plan but to work with your body to help it form a healthy environment for an embryo to live in”.

Dr Taranissi

With this important philosophy of care in mind, and in combination with proper immunological support, he has achieved the highest success rates in the UK for the last 25 years continuously (and also one of the highest rates in the world).

Life Clinic’s director, Dr Dimitri, worked alongside Dr Taranissi in his private clinic, ARGC, in London as the Deputy Clinical Director. From this experience, Dr Dimitri has developed further his own unique and successful philosophy of care based on Dr Taranissi’s foundations, whilst at the same time learning cutting edge techniques in reproductive immunology. With this knowledge Dr Dimitri has developed and fine-tuned his own groundbreaking immune protocols and established is own ‘close-continual‘ patient monitoring program which promises his patients the highest chances for a successful outcome from their fertility treatments with him. Dr Dimitri’s classic style of monitoring patients, the constant tweaking of medication, the many scans and blood tests are what truly define the term ‘tailored treatment‘. Dr Dimitri attributes much of his original growth in reproductive immunology to Dr Taranissi and is honoured to have worked with him.

‘I am proud to have been able to work alongside him learning how a real doctor should be.”

Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou, Director of Life Clinic



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